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logo uniwThe 12th International Youth Gathering (IYG 12) was held in Selangor, Malaysia. This resolution was discussed in Flamingo Hotel, Ampang, Selangor, attended by youth leaders from around the Islamic World, it is hereby declared that:

  1. We truly understand that the principles in Islam are the most ideal practice to be lifted as an alternative solution to all the problems that we encounter today. We therefore have the absolute responsibility to represent the message of Islam Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin (mercy to all the worlds)
  2. We believe In order to deal with the current polemics and frequent misconception, the role of a quality education to nurture the culture of knowledge is extremely vital.
  3. We believe that the fundamental basis of all actions taken from here on out must be guided by spiritual elements according to the teachings of Al Quran and As Sunnah.
  4. We realize that there is a necessity to unite irrespective of differences in race, language, culture or ideology on the basis of common human values.
  5. We aware that there is a dire need in empowering the existing Muslim youth network and subsequently enhance it.
  6. We realize that it is time to recognize the power of mass media utilization in promoting universal harmony.
  7. We condemn unanimously any leaders that abuse the public institution to commit injustices and atrocities against innocent life.
  8. We oppose those that exploit the religion as a means to gain personal benefits as well as those that misuse it in a manner for radically violent purposes.
  9. We support every effort to elevate the struggle for freedom and pursuit of preserving human dignity throughout the world.

Then, on the basis of understanding, recognizing and realizing the above statement, the IYG 12 make a commitment and take responsibility to mobilize and implement resolution of the following actions:

  1. To maximize the usage of social media for benefit of the ummah
  2. To synchronize and share a comprehensive database for the beneficial purposes in the future in terms of expertize, potential and resources.
  3. To organize the upcoming gatherings in a more systematic approaches in terms of its workshop sessions, training modules and practical action planning.
  4. To urge all Muslim youth in participating enthusiastically through contributing substantial reading materials and producing meaningful content of mass media in order that we can dig deeper into understanding the essence of Islam.
  5. To produce leaders that are competent and trustworthy (qawi’ul amin) that personifies aspects of the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical demands of a complete human being.

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