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“The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.” (Albert Einstein)

Again, the world is shocked by what recently happened in Rakhine State, Myanmar. Started in October, tensions between minority group Rohingya and military of Myanmar arose, led to the burning of 3 villages and 430 buildings. Until now, there are around 69 Rohingya people who were reported dead and other 234 were captured by the military, accused as attackers. (see:

Responding this humanity crisis, we on behalf of youth incorporated in ASEAN Youth Network and also as part of world community, are willing to deliver several statements:

1. Cruelty that recently happened to Rohingya is form of basic human rights violation, under the recognition of a state. This condition can be categorized as genocide, a very serious crime against humanity. Hence, we strongly condemn this genocide done by Myanmar’s military group to Rohingya people and demand the termination of this cruel operation.

2. We assertively demand the United Nations (UN), ASEAN, and 10 governments of ASEAN countries to condemn the genocide in Rakhine and immediately release a special resolution to end the genocide.

3. We humbly request the world community, especially those who reside in Southeast Asia, to make prayers, give support, and provide best aid to our Rohingya brothers and sisters.

We also give opportunity to all of you who want to donate in your own country via these links:

for Indonesia:
for Malaysia: Maybank Account 5624 7814 6397 (Pertubuhan Ikatan Kekeluargaan Rumpun Nusantara)

Rohingya’s tragedy is indeed an inhumane tragedy, hence making sure the ending of the tragedy is our responsibility as muslims, as human, and as part of civilized world community.

Contact Person(s):
Indonesia: +628981397965 (Annisa)
Malaysia: +60197958387 (Hashim)

ASEAN Youth Network (AYN)

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